NopWorks Productions Termination

Nopworks Productions has shut down as of 2/5/2012 and will remain down for eternity. NopWorks productions has been with you throughout the years from 2006 (Nopol) - 2011 when the server was shut down. The project lives on but under another name with a different team (see Expansive Civilian Warfare[1]). Every one of NopWorks Production services are still operating but under a different name (see [1]). 

Nopols Roleplay 2 Server is no longer in operation, although, the server itself is still operating none of the Classic Nopol scripts are still in production or used, instead Roleplay 2 Dev team has taken control over the server.

Thank you for the many great years with most of you people, i hope a lot of you come to join Expansive Civilian Warfare servers and help out with the team.


Thank You Nopol!

NopWorks Productions 2006 - 2011